Its not the commercial's that went viral after the super bowl but rather Peyton Manning's baby bro Eli and his "non-reaction" to his big bro's Super Bowl win.

In the video you see Eli Manning along with the rest of the Manning crew celebrating just as the Bronco's secure the win at Super Bowl 50. The difference between Eili and the rest of the family...a sour puss.

Many are claiming this reaction, or lack there of is because Eli no longer has anything on his brother. You know he had two Super Bowl rings and Peyton didn't. Well now he does! So was Eli really jealous and upset? Is it really sibling rivalry?

Well not according to Peyton. The Super Bowl 50 champ himself says Eli's not so normal reaction is more normal than you think.

“Eli’s just like me. Eli is analyzing the game. He’s thinking about whether we were going to go for two. Whether it was going to be reviewed,” Manning told CBS News.

“Eli’s kinda like me,” Manning continued. “He wasn’t gonna relax until that final second ticked off. I’ve had a great chance to celebrate with Eli. He’s very happy and proud of me just like I’ve always been of him.”

Eli corroborated the story to TMZ, stating that it's just his regular thinking face.

“I was just focused on whether they’d go for two and, uh, the defense had to step up and make some stops,” Manning told one of the TMZ Sports cameramen.

Whether you believe the Manning bro's or not is up to you but if you look closely enough you'll see ole poppa Manning has a similar focused stature as Eli. Im sure baby pro is happy for you..and your Budweiser Peyton!