New Yorkers take their pizza very seriously. They can be very particular when it comes to toppings. I'm from the Midwest and where I grew up, Hawaiian pizza was very common. When I moved to the east coast I started getting criticized for asking for pineapple on my pizza. I endured all of that bullying only for people to start asking for cranberries and mashed potatoes on their pie.

According to CNBC, the price of turkey is up about 73% from last year. Many families might be ordering pizza this year for Thanksgiving Day. Can you really have a pepperoni or mushroom pizza for Thanksgiving? Some people want more traditional toppings.

What is Thanksgiving Pizza?

Apparently, it has been popular to put Thanksgiving leftovers on pizza in the past but I have never heard of this. Have you?

  Does this look delicious to you?

Here is another variation of Thanksgiving pizza from Pennsylvania.

Would you want a Thanksgiving dinner pizza? What would you put on it?

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