Taking advantage of some cheap airfares so you can travel outside of the Hudson Valley this winter? You might want to get to the airport even earlier than you think you need to. Why? The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is suffering with a larger than normal amount of staff calling out sick at New York airports.

What could the reason behind these sick outs possibly be? The  is one of the group of federal employees that are affected by the government shut down, which at the time of this writing was 17 days into it.  For more ways that the shutdown is affecting the TSA, click here. 

If you are traveling, please note that the persons who are running those security stations are working, but they are not going to be paid until the government shut down ends.

By arriving to the airport, say and additional hour before you think you need to, hopefully you will be able to get through the security checks and still have plenty of time to relax before your flight.

Here are a few tips to travel like a pro and make all of your trips "smooth sailing."

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