So you are wanting to head to Bethel Woods for a great concert? Sounds about right, there have been a number of great concerts there this year and in years passed, plus there will be many many more. Here is a reason that you should head to one at Bethel Woods on Sunday July 16, 2017, you don't have to drive and it's going to be an awesome concert, ok, that's two reasons.

Here is a few more that you should join us on the WRRV Party Bus Express to Incubus, Jimmy Eat World & Atlas Genius:

  • This is the WRRV Summer Concert (& we know you love WRRV!)
  • You get transportation too and from Bethel Woods. This means you do not have to drive, so you can relax and get ready to enjoy the show. This also means that if you get a little sleepy on the ride home, you don't have to worry, because you are not driving.
  • The price is great. Just a few dollars more than the cost of a ticket.
  • You will get food on the bus on the way to Bethel Woods, from In & Out Deli in Wappingers. They catered our WRRV Studio Sessions with the Strumbella's. They are still asking us about the eggplant sandwiches, from I&O, the Strumbella's loved them.

Sounds great, right? So join us. Here is the link.

Bonus Video