We have rebuilt underwear. It's bigger, faster, stronger and temperature controlled.

Is it too soon to give out the award for the dumbest invention of 2018? Maybe not. Who would buy these?

Are Smart Undies the wave of the future? Believe it or not it could be so. We now live in an age where we don't just want technology at our fingertips.

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zveiger alexandre

That's right, the brand is called Skiin and according to their website for just $279.00 you can pre order a four pack of intelligent undergarments that can do so many useless things. In an article on Mashable it claims that  they can sync to your wireless home devices like your thermostat. If your body temperature is too high your underwear will turn the heat down in your house. If you're stressed it can sync your favorite music and try to relax you a little bit.

It can also monitor your heart rate and physical activity. It's like a fit bit for your private bits.

Will we see these pop in local stores in 2018? Let's hope so.