You have to pay to bring your extra bags on board. Will you have to pay extra for that junk in you trunk?  Would you still fly if you had be weighed publicly right before your flight?

Is it fat shaming or is it just being fiscally and environmentally responsible? It could be a little bit from both columns. You're already in your socks and stripped down of all heavy metal objects. Airlines may soon tell you to hop on a scale before take off.

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Weight on airlines has been a topic of discussion for years but was brought into the spotlight when director and actor Kevin Smith was removed from a plane because of his size.

An airline in Finnland has started to weigh their passengers and it has nothing to do with room on the airplane. According to The Traveller, Finnair is weighing it's flyers in order to gain insight on fuel efficiency. Will we see practices like this make it's way to the United States? We're all about efficiency? Would you be willing to be put through a scale if it could save you money on an air fare?