It's sad but Microsoft is making us say goodbye to an old friend. An old friend that we don't ever speak to unless we need to borrow something or we need a huge favor.

After 32 glorious years Microsoft Office is forcing us to say goodbye to the beloved program, paint.

According to The Guardian, the latest Windows 10 update to be released will not feature the long standing favorite art program. The internet is buzzing with an out pour of support but does anyone actually still use this program?

image1 (19)


The only answer that I seem to keep getting is "I still use Paint to crop pictures". Well, for you cave people who still use Paint for that purpose, sit down and strap in because I'm about to blow your mind. Please do yourself a favor and search for "Snipping Tool" under your program bar.

Are you really sad that Paint is going away or is it just a nice piece of nostalgia and we're afraid of change and losing things?

What are some of your fond memories with Microsoft Paint? Feel free to send me a picture.