With each generation of consoles there comes a transition from the old to the new. At first, the old consoles are still the go-to systems for everyone but the most cutting-edge tech people, and game companies still develop most of their content with this in mind. As time progresses, though, more and more people suit up for the next level of console power, switching out the increasingly-aged tech for something slicker, stronger, newer. It's at this point we see fewer and fewer games come out for these old consoles, until eventually the amount of new content shrinks to an almost nonexistent trickle.

Sad? Maybe. But not entirely. What this transition does is firmly encapsulate each console within its era, freezing it in time, giving us the advantage of perspective to look back at the console to see how its library of games reflected the time it came from, what the trends were, what tropes became common or fell away, and which games emerged as the best and brightest of what that console had to offer. We've already covered the best of the Wii, but now that the Xbox 360 is on its way to retirement, let's take a look at the greatest games it had to offer, games so great they weren't just memorable, they defined the console.