Are you the next lottery winner? A winning ticket was sold right here in the Hudson Valley.

According to the the New York State Lottery, a winning Take 5 ticket worth $42,506.50 was sold in Fishkill at a Speedway.

The winning ticket was sold on Friday and if you purchased a ticket you may be wondering what the numbers are. The winning numbers were 20, 27,29 ,34, 38.

The New York State Lottery's website gives the odds of winning a Take 5 game as 1 and 8.77.

Are you the big winner? You've got some time because you've got up to a year to claim your prize. However, I'm guessing that if you're playing the lottery you probably won't wait if you've got the winner.

You never know though. Maybe you'll find the big winning ticket in the trash, or blowing down the street.

Even if you didn't win you might as well keep playing. Remember the Poughkeepsie couple who won the jack pot a few months back?