*** UPDATE: ABC says that police have arrested a 37-year-old suspect and charged him with forcible touching, menacing and disorderly conduct and harassment. The suspect has 44 prior arrests. ***

What is wrong with people? NBC says a woman was simply sitting and waiting for the subway last week when a suspect randomly attacked her. It's what this suspect smeared all over this poor woman that's drawn the attention and ire of so many. Now, police need your help identifying the suspect they say attacked this woman at a subway station bench in the Bronx platform. We'll reiterate; what is seriously wrong with people?

Police say the 43-year-old victim was waiting on the southbound platform when a man holding a black plastic bag approached her and then pushed the bag into her face. Video surveillance shows the man smearing what appears to be feces into her face, and onto her head in the brazen assault. There doesn't appear to be any dialogue or exchange, as the suspect quickly runs away after the attack.

Police urge anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

Random, unprovoked attacks like this have unfortunately made the subways a more and more dangerous place to be, even during the daytime.

In other bizarre news,  in what sounds like a scene out of either Christmas Vacation, or maybe the latest low-budget horror flick, a man in New York state is accused of threatening their neighbor with a chainsaw. According to New York State Police, this was not the first time they were called to this residence over the weekend. In fact, it was the fourth.

WKTV says that police were called to the home in December 2021 and found the 59-year-old New York man with a chainsaw at his feet. There aren't too many details exactly how this whole neighborly skirmish started, though troopers ended up having to taser the suspect as they placed him under arrest. Police say the man is accused of threatening to kill his neighbor and also chainsawing the neighbor's vehicle.

Sources say the suspect is now facing a number of charges, including resisting arrest, though he was just issued an appearance ticket and released. Again, police say this was the fourth time in two days they were called to the area because of this one particular suspect.

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