Does work have you stressed out? Some companies may start getting you Voo Doo Doll of your boss to help relieve some work related issues that you have.

No, this isn't an episode of Tales From The Crypt. It's a bit twisted and might be something for the macabre but you can't argue with the science. Do workers perform more efficiently if they have a Voo Doo of their boss?


According to results posted in The Telegraph, almost 300 employees were given symbolic dolls that represented their boss. The ones who felt the need to passive aggressively retaliate with pins and needles

“We wanted to see, rather than actually retaliating against the abusive boss, whether mistreated employees could benefit from harmless acts of symbolic retaliation,"

Employees who participated in the experiment felt less stressed out and cheated by their employer.

Is there something to this study? Does a harmless act of aggression really help when coping with a stressful situation?