The Hudson Valley is home to a lot of unique things, but did you know the world's largest kaleidoscope can be found in the area? It's true.

Standing at some 56 feet tall, the spectacle can be found at Emerson Resort and Spa on Route 28 in Mt. Tremper. And the good news is, they're open seven days a week for your convenience. They're open daily from 9 AM until 5 PM, and until 6 PM on Saturdays. It's only $5 to get in and kids under 11 are free.

The concept was conceived by kaleidoscope artist Charles Karadimos and was designed by famous psychedelic artist Isaac Abrams and his son Raphael. The viewing area has seats around the border of the room or visitors are welcome to lay down on the ground and look up.

Emerson Resort and Spa began as a dairy farm in 1840. Nearly a century later it was sold and repurposed as a resort to help boost the local economy. The kaleidoscope opened in 1996 and nearly shut down when a fire destroyed the original inn in 2005. But the resort was rebuilt and continues to honor its namesake Ralph Waldo Emerson to this day.

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