There is a bar in St Louis Missouri that has a new idea on how to charge customers. They charge them by the hour, or the amount of time they the spend in the bar, not by how many drinks they order.

The name of the place is "Open Concept" and they are a bar, they do not serve any food, but they do not have problem with you ordering in. From this authors experience with that area of St Louis, GrubHub and UberEats is everywhere.

Here is how they charge (from their website):

  • Open Concept Bar Operates on One Hour Intervals. Reservations are $10 per person per hour for our Premium Liquor option.
  • There is also a brunch option, Fry-yay! and Taco Tuesday option.

You can book and pay for your time in advance and while you are at the bar drink as much as you can safely consume for your time. Will this make it in the Hudson Valley? Or will it bomb? What do you think?

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