There are a few traditions that we partake in behind the scenes at WRRV, one of which is the annual chili cook off. This little competition started in January of 2009 and has been held every year (but one) since then.

White chili, red chile, beans, no beans, ground meat, hunks of meat all have made appearances and each year there is something different about the entries. This year, 2017, one of the contestants made their chili using bear meat. Yes, I am not going to repeat that. Another contestant used chunks of venison meat, another used a combination of ground beef and bison and these were just a few of the ways each person was trying to bring their 'A Game' to the competition.

There were 10 people who entered, with myself, Brandi, representing the WRRV staff and let me tell you, this was our year! WRRV won!

What does the winner get? A cute little trophy and the right to talk trash about everyone elses chili for the next year.

Here is a look at the competition went down and the judging: