The Strumbellas stopped by the WRRV studio today. Brandi and I got to sit down with Simon Ward and Dave Ritter for a quick interview.

Recently, as I was preparing for this interview I came across something on The Strumbellas' Twitter account that absolutely blew mind.

The shocking posts came in two separate posts. First, Simon expressed his anger over the fact that Dave had not seen a few movies. Those movies include Crocodile Dundee 2, Sister Act 2 and Deuce Bigelow, Male Gigolo.

Although those are great movies, I can understand why someone would miss those films. They're campy and two of them are sequels. They certainly aren't considered cinematic achievements. (Well, it depends on who you ask.)

What I found more shocking was a tweet from Dave stating that Simon had not seen Blade Runner or Alien. As a sci-fi geek this just blew me away.

Both films are set for a reboot this year so I thought I'd help Simon out and loan him my copies. I better get them back.

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