Bleachers was in Poughkeepsie Sunday to perform a show at Marist College. Jack Antonoff stopped by WRRV to talk about their summer plans, a new album and the status of Fun.

During the interview, Antonoff revealed he had some Hudson Valley connections, having played The Chance in Poughkeepsie and recorded in a studio in Newburgh earlier in his music career.

Antonoff confirmed Bleachers' debut album Strange Desire was written while he was on tour with Fun. promoting the band's second album Some Nights.

"I wrote the record and pretty much recorded it on tour in hotel rooms and buses and planes and just kind of worked all over the place, which is the opposite of how I've ever made records in the past and ended up being a really positive thing for me," Antonoff said.

He only told those people close to him about the Bleachers project while he worked on it.

"I think when you're coming from another band a lot of people they get preconceived notions about it if they know what it is. So I just wanted the music to come first and I knew that the only way to put music first was to make the album first," Antonoff said. "Almost by default it had to be secret."

Bleachers recently released the third single titled "Like a River Runs." Antonoff said it was one of the first songs he wrote for the album and explores loss from a dream-like state.

As for the future of Fun., Antonoff was quiet on whether the band would be recording or playing together any time soon.

"I'm pretty focused on Bleachers at the moment. But, you know, who knows what the future holds," Antonoff said.

You can catch Bleachers at Bonnaroo and on tour with new WRRV artist Born' in the coming months.

Tune in to my show Monday at 6:30 to hear Jack perform "Rollercoster" and "I Wanna Get Better" acoustic.