With the shutdown, 2020 and 2021 became years of great musical releases as it gave artists the chance to focus on writing and recording. Some artists ended up adding substantially to their discography during this time, and today’s artist is no exception with three new singles in 2021.  

Life on the Road

Throughout growing up, musician Hannah Rose spent a lot of time on the road with their family. They were born in Bergen County, New Jersey, but then grew up here in the Hudson Valley. Some fond memories growing up include attending concerts, going apple picking in New Paltz, and making sauce with their dad, Hoboken Eddie, in Poughkeepsie. One concert in particular was seeing Dark Star Orchestra when they were 11 years old. Hannah Rose claims that Lisa Mackey has been a big inspiration as far as women singers go. Prior to Covid, Hannah Rose’s plan was to attend SUNY New Paltz. In 2018, they moved to Indiana to help out with their father’s restaurant and factory. Now, Hannah Rose is excited to be back in the area, and to share music and memories with us.  

Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose







All the moving around was quite influential in their musical journey, 

“We would deliver sauce up and down the east coast listening to the radio or Johnny Cash CD's. We would stop by and visit friends who had children that were my age and they would have pianos. I remember playing ‘Smoke on the Water’ on the piano- which I believe is everybody's first song- and realizing ‘Wow! This is just so much fun! I love this!’ So, there are bunch of pictures from my childhood of me playing with bunch of different instruments, just not well. That's why they are all pictures and not videos. My first serious instrument was the violin and I played with an orchestra from 10 to 17 years old.” 

The People We Meet

In regards to their writing process, Hannah Rose has a very humanistic approach. They said musical inspirations come from anywhere; whether it be from a lifetime-long relationship, or a single sentence someone utters. They attribute much of their passion to their family. Hannah Rose said, 

“My family and friends are obviously my biggest inspirations. If you asked my mom, she would characterize me as an independent person, but I wouldn't be here without the love and respect from my family and friends that keep me pushing towards my goals. There are so many friends that I can name but two that have inspired me the most would be my late friends Micah and Danielle. I couldn't tell them when they were still with me or show them how much they meant to me. Whenever I open a show we share a moment of silence for our dear friends and then a moment of howling, praying that they can hear somehow.” 

As someone who has lost a lot of people in the last couple of years, that last bit about having a moment of silence before a show means a lot to me. That is powerful. Music is supposed to be one of those things that unites us, and hearing that Hannah Rose takes that moment and offers that extra something is quite unique and engaging. 

"She Burned Down the Building!"

When first getting involved in the music scene, Hannah would travel from one open mic to another from county to county trying to network with all kinds of musicians. More recently, they enjoyed their first gig in New York City last December at Berlin on 25 Avenue A. Hannah said the concert was an amazing experience with phenomenal music from an all-female line up; however, immediately after Hannah performed, their boyfriend came running in saying the building was on fire. The show was being held in the basement, but one of the higher levels caught fire. Hannah said, "Everyone was running out of the building screaming ‘Hannah was so great, she burned the building down!’ Thankfully no one was hurt and the firefighters arrived immediately.” Talk about burning down the house with a performance!  

Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose







"Time Slips"

In 2017, Hannah Rose’s mother gifted them a banjo. Despite being around music and instruments majority of their life, the banjo did not come easy for Hannah. The issues and frustrations with the banjo cast a lot of self-doubt and insecurity, almost putting it down for good. Then, they remembered the saying, “The best inventions are brought to us through necessity.” That inspired the song “Time Slips.” The song focus’s on the concept of wanting to fly but having a fear of falling, which many of us could probably relate to. That experience helped to remind Hannah Rose that persistence is key, along with reaffirming how much their mom and family love them.  

“For no matter how big I get, or if I go anywhere at all, it's just good to know that my mom is proud of me and that she is happy when I'm happy... It's important to remind oneself that you don't always need to be a perfectionist in order to enjoy your hobby.” 

"Love Came to Me"

 “Love Came to Me” was originally written on ukulele back in 2016 while going through a break up. It was about someone they met at an open mic, and fell head-over-heels for, what felt to be a love at first sight moment. The song goes on to talk about the relationship as a whole, with all of its ups and downs. Hannah Rose completed the song in 2020 when they were going to record with Off Road Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. “We were just kids when we met and I thought that I was deeply in love with this person, but you make mistakes! How could he be the one when he wouldn't even sacrifice a pack of cigarettes for cab fare to come and see me?” Hannah went on to say that’s what happens when you get older: you discover your true interests along with your dislikes, and you have to try to follow the path of greater good. 

"Don't Worry (Nonnie)"

 “Don’t Worry (Nonnie)” was written for both Hannah Rose’s Italian grandmother and friend Danielle, who was mentioned earlier.  

“My grandmother, she was small and a force to be reckoned with, but she was also the kindest woman you'd have the honor of meeting. She was the kind of woman who carried umbrellas in her car for strangers. She could also throw a wooden spoon like a boomerang and make some mean handmade meatballs. So, when she became ill with pancreatic cancer, I wanted to write a song that captured who she was and not her illness. How could I let three months of sickness describe a woman who sacrificed her whole life for other people?... So, when you listen to this song, I hope you feel welcome in our house and that you feel safe at our table. That's who she was, and that's what she would have wanted. 


...Danielle was incredibly similar. A short strong woman who loved caring for children... She was understanding and patient, she never made you feel like an outcast. In the last complete verse when I mention our time together, I wanted it to also be a present for her mother because without her mother, I wouldn't have been blessed with such an amazing friend. When I saw her mother's face, I saw Danielle, so it brought me a lot of comfort. I know she's in heaven, but I feel her all the time watching over us and drawing with the clouds.” 

What's Around the Corner?

Hannah Rose says they have a lot of exciting stuff coming up. First of all, there is merch to be bought! They have stickers, posters, necklaces, and possible clothing in the near future. They are also looking for a “kick-ass” web designer, so if you are one or know one, hit them up. Hannah Rose is also excited about collaborating with a number of artists they have met all along the east coast, including Nerve Damage, Monarch, Across White Water Tower, Kenzie, Paul Sand and Richard Entrup. As for original music, Hannah Rose had written 12 songs in the last three months which they plan to have on an upcoming album. Most of the songs are inspired by their time in Indiana. One song in particular will be dedicated to their friend Danielle, and “the lessons she left us with.” 

Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose







Before concluding our interview questions, I asked Hannah Rose if there was anything we missed or anything else they wanted to say. I think these closing remarks were a great way to conclude things- like wrapping it all up into a little bow. 

“... I love my family (blood and covenant) and I'm thankful for my mom playing WRRV as we were growing up! Without the influence of this radio station, I don't think I would have found myself till later in life when I started finding our punk DIY scene. Most importantly, shout out to Krissy of Tuscan Cafe and Niel of AOH for giving a safe place for a punk like me to express themselves. And for my friend Kerri, I'll never forget what you've done for me, you say you want to see my name in lights, but you've been the brightest light of all.” 

You can follow Hannah Rose on Facebook and Instagram, and you can shop Hannah Rose customized merch on Etsy!

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