Another WRRV morning co-host interview took place this week. I can't say that this person is the most qualified, but they have sold more records and concert tickets than any other person that has applied or interviewed for the job.

Here are a few challenges that might come up if this person is to be offered the position:

  • The WRRV Studio parking lot might not be able to hold all 4 tour buses that this guy needs to bring him everywhere.
  • He is a Detroit fan, Brandi is a Yankees fan.
  • He likes Jim Beam Red Stag, Brandi likes every other bourbon
  • His touring schedule might have him off the air, more than on the air.

Do you think that you have what it takes to be on WRRV every weekday morning? Waking up at 4am? If you think that you do, send your resume to

Positions open at TownSquare Hudson Valley, Poughkeepsie:

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