The people of New York are never shy when it comes to speaking their minds. I'm just trying to be one more outlet and really give them a voice and maybe an ugly fat face.

These are your raves not mine. I'm simply reading your submissions.

What did I learn this week? Check it out.

Nurses with big jugs can be rude.

For most men it's a dream to be nursed backed to health by a lady with big jugs, However, not if she's rude and keeps interrupting you. Who wants that?

White milk equals white supremacy?

Someone's claiming PETA said this. If it is true, I'm not sure I see this connection. I like chocolate milk as much as the next guy but from a health stand point I think you need just plain old white milk once in a while. I don't think that qualifies you to be an extra on American History X.

Look out for gray van cowards.

If you drive a gray van, you've made someone angry. Watch out they're on the look out.