KFC Japan has taken insane promotional items to a whole new level.

Apparently, in celebrating their founder's birthday, they have declared September 9 to be Colonel Sanders Day. Naturally, they'll be giving away items to devoted fans.

So, what can KFC lovers in Japan look forward to? Free buckets of chicken? Maybe a coupon for mashed potatoes?

Hell no. Go big or go home with your chicken giveaways. I bring to you THE CHICKEN KEYBOARD:

(KFC Japan)

That's right. If you've always dreamed of using a keyboard with nothing but chicken pieces as keys, KFC has got you covered.

What's that? Not intimate enough for you? You wanna snuggle up to plastic pieces of chicken, not just tap at em?


(KFC Japan)

Awwww yeah. A chicken iPhone case. Talk to your grandma on the phone while holding a big ol' hunk of fake poultry.

Still not enough for you? Want to become one with the chicken? Transform into a drumstick?

(KFC Japan)

That's right. CHICKEN LEG HAT. You can't even handle this level of chicken dedication.

KFC Japan: making chicken dreams come true.