Ok Ladies. As a female, I can understand getting hot under the collar when your day is just not going right, but no reason to take it out on the people around you. 33-year-old Jonelle Jade Dare was tooling around in her white Mercedes Benz when she heard the colonel calling her name.

I know I can not resist the temptation of some KFC, neither could Jonelle. She places her order, goes through the drive-thru, you would think that all would’ve been right with the world for her after that. But no. Apparently. Someone left out the napkins and a fork from her order.

So did Jonelle get out of her car, go back in and say, hey can I get some napkins, how about a spork? Nope. She drove back around through the drive-thru pulled out her gun and fired shots into the drive-thru and she shared a few nasty words with the staff while she was doing it.

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