I think it's something that a lot of people wish they could do. Now they can slap our president on their smart phone for $2.99.

The world of politics seems to be in the most agitated state it's ever been. It seems like almost every action President Trump makes in the White House is subject to some sort of scrutiny or protest.


If you are a fan of his policies maybe you come across a random tweet that leaves you shaking your head.

A local resident of the Hudson Valley, Colleen Bicknese, teamed up with a software company to come up with the Trump Slapdown app, Hudson Valley New Network reports. Colleen was not happy with the results of the election and developing this app was a way for her to cope with her dissatisfaction. Apparently, you don't need to be anti-Trump to want to want to slap the president as the creators don't condone any hate or violence.

You can find the Trump Slapdown app on the app store on your smartphones.

Is this app disrespectful or is a fun way for people who dislike Trump's policies to vent their frustrations?

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