I came across a disturbing statement and it absolutely drove me crazy. I hope to spread that craze because this is just absurd.

Now, don't shoot the messenger but I had to vent about this.

Recently, the former One Directioneer, Harry Styles dropped a piece of his latest solo project. Though I'm not a personal fan of Harry Styles or any of his work. Although I'll give him props for bagging T. Swift. I'm no music snob myself. I understand that music tastes can be eclectic.

That being said I still got a little upset when I came across an article from Express showing that his fans are actually comparing Harry Styles to the late legend, David Bowie.

For research purposes I checked out his latest single "Sign of the Times".

What's my verdict? I don't see it, I don't hear it and I certainly don't buy it. How dare you?

Bowie was unique, an innovator, an inspiration and a beautiful musician. I was hooked with Bowie's "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust" all the way until the end with "Blackstar". I doubt styles will have that kind of longevity. At least not with me anyhow.

Call me sentimental but I just feel like "the new Bowie" should be a term that's not given out too loosely.

What do you think?