Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are the best candy. Of that, there can be no argument. When I was a kid on Halloween, I would trade any inferior candies away to try and amass a huge collection of Reese's. Reese's are the best, but it seems like nobody actually knows how to say the name correctly. 

I came across an article from Spoon University that put some research into what the real pronunciation of Reese's should be. Basically, there are two camps: those who say Rees-IS, and those who say Rees-EES. I've heard both along my many travels in this world, and I'm sure I've used both as well. So which one is right?

Well, the candy is named after the guy who invented it, Harry Reese. So, since it's a contraction of his name, Rees-IS is actually the correct pronunciation. Rees-EES is basically a nonsense word.

And you might think, "Well, what about Reese's Pieces?" Almost everybody I know calls them Rees-EES Piece-EES. And Piece-EES is even less of a word than Rees-EES, so that's wrong, too.

So now you know. And you can impress all your friends at your next party with your superior knowledge about the pronunciation of peanut butter and chocolate discs. They will be incredibly stunned at your skills, trust me.