Ok, so there are people who get paid to research just about everything. I have to admit, I will pretty much ignore most of these 'researched' topics unless it can potentially benefit me or my stomach.

The person who felt that this topic need more research will now be known as 'My Hero.' The study was done on whether or not chocolate could help with your cough. More specifically the chocolaty based medicine by the name of Rococo. (Never heard of it? Me neither).

The research found that when people started to take this medicine, after getting a cold or flu with a cough, that they showed improvement after they had treated the cough for two days, with this product compared to other cough medicines.

Can't find this particular cough medicine Rococo? Don't worry. The same researchers also asked people to simply suck on pieces of chocolate when they got a cough. Turns out the chocolate also helped people feel better and diminished signs of the cough. How was this possible and why has no one done this research before? Does it really matter as long as we can now reach for chocolate even when we are not feeling well?

Something tells me that many women have done research, be it all not 100% official, for years and will continue to do research on this going forward.

What do you think? Should researchers stop being paid to do studies like this one? Or how do we get a job like this?


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