Have you ever stopped to think that bologna could be the 'thing' that got you into trouble trying to go from Mexico into the United States? US Customs & Border Protection stopped 14 loaves(?) of Mexican Bologna from coming into the United States illegally this week.

What is the issue with this Mexican Bologna that makes it not welcome in the US? According to a press release from the USCBP the bologna contains pork. Here is what the press release had to say:

Bologna is a prohibited product because it is made from pork and has the potential for introducing foreign animal diseases to the U.S. pork industry.

Now, where the food was coming from is not the issue here. If someone had been trying to bring a pork product into the States from Canada or England, they would have also had that item seized. When I was coming back home after a trip to Aruba, I had made a chicken sandwich to bring with me on the plane, customs let me keep it because it was chicken. My friend who has brought a ham sandwich with us from the hotel, had to toss hers out.

Have you ever been stopped at customs and had to leave an item there? What was it?

Plus the real question, what does one do with 14 rolls/loaves of bologna?

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