Starting today smokers in the Hudson Valley will have more restrictions on what they can smoke and how they can purchase tobacco products.

Governor Cuomo approved New York's 2021 budget back in April that includes some drastic changes to the state's tobacco laws. Starting July 1 smokers will no longer be able to buy certain products and some retail stores will be barred from selling tobacco.

The Tobacco Policy Center has a full list of the new laws in detail, but here's a quick look at the seven big changes you can expect to see today.

No more tobacco coupons or discounts
In an effort to stop tobacco companies from targeting new customers, coupons or special discounts will no longer be allowed. Studies show that people will stop tobacco use if prices are too high. Not allowing cheap prices for cigarettes is expected to stop many people from smoking in the first place.

Tobacco cannot be sold in pharmacies
Drug stores will no longer carry tobacco products. Locally, Rockland County already has a law on the books prohibiting pharmacies from selling cigarettes. Chains like CVS have also phased out tobacco sales. Now, the policy will officially be statewide.

Flavored vaping products are now outlawed
It's believed that sweet-tasting flavors of vaping liquids are responsible for getting kids hooked on nicotine. E-cigarettes have become popular among teens mostly because of these youthful flavors. Unflavored nicotine products will still be available for vaping.

More oversight in the manufacturing of vaping supplies
Due to an increase of lung issues reported by users of e-cigarettes, companies who sell vaping supplies in New York will now have to disclose their ingredients and their manufacturing processes are subject to more oversight.

No more online sales or home delivery
Vaping supplies and e-cigarettes are now officially added to the list of products that cannot be delivered to New York consumers through the mail.

No more advertisements near schools
Tobacco advertising is now prohibited within 1,500 feet from any school in New York State. In New York City, the distance is lowered to 500 feet.

Increased fines for businesses selling to minors
As of July 1 the maximum amount a business will receive for its first violation increases to $1,500. Other penalties and fines are also increased for businesses that sell tobacco products to minors.

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