New smiling tree stumps continue to be spotted all over the Hudson Valley.

A mystery man is putting smiles and googly eyes on dead trees in the area and we can't get enough of them. The Happy Stump phenomenon has been around for at least a year now. Most of the cases originally occurred west of the Hudson but they've been starting to pop up in Dutchess County in recent months.

When pictures of these stumps first started to arise I'll admit I thought it was a little creepy as I didn't understand their purpose or the crafter's intention. However, sources say the man responsible only has one motivation and that's to bring smiles as well as build them.

Though the identity of the person behind this project remains a mystery to most and information on the project is scarce, there is a whole Facebook page dedicated to documenting the grinning stumps.

Have you seen any? Did you get any pictures? Let them know where you came across the happy stump.

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