If you are thinking about getting a new tattoo to celebrate 2018, here are a few words of advice from local tattoo and body artist, Kelly Torres, from her Facebook page:

  • We require deposits for a good reason...if you flake on your appt, at least we make a few bucks. That being said, don’t be a  flake. We dont work=we don’t get paid

  • Shop rate/ hourly rate is what it is. If you think its crazy that a shop has a minimum price, even if you’re only getting a tiny tattoo, well that is your problem, not the artists.

  • We have overhead... lots of it. It is not cheap to be in this trade, and we certainly don’t get to keep all of what we charge you. We get a percentage and then have expensive supply overhead as well. So, believe me... we really appreciate any gratuities.

  • We work alot. Don’t expect your design until you come in for your tattoo. If you did your part, and found the right artist for your tattoo then you should allow them and trust them to do their job.

  • Please shower before you get a tattoo. We are in your space and its just common courtesy.

  • Take care of your new tattoo. If you are using a reputable artist, they will put alot of care into making a beautiful tattoo for you. Dont be a d*&k and mistreat it while healing.

Do you have other advice to pass on to someone who is looking to get tattooed? Email us and let us know.