There's a good chance that this will be the strangest and maybe the creepiest news you will read all day.

A lot of electronic devices talk to us. Whether it's your phone, GPS or even an ECHO they all have a somewhat familiar and robotic voice. They weird robotic voice may sound a little more familiar to you if you want it to. According to The Guardian, Amazon is working on technology that will turn their dead people's loved ones into the voice of Alexa on devices.

They are pretty vague about how they are going to deep fake these voices or when the technology is coming but soon we might be able to tell our grandma to turn on our favorite radio station. When I first heard about this I initially thought it was a bit creepy. Have you seen the apps that can make eyes and mouths moves on persons picture? It is so bizarre to see someone that isn't there or isn't even alive look at you again. It is something that is right out of a sci-fi movie.

Is it really that strange though? Have you ever saved voicemails from a loved one so you would have their voice captured after they passed away? The reasoning behind making the technology is due to the fact that so many people lost loved ones during the coronavirus pandemic.

Maybe it is a good thing that we live in an age when we can connect with deceased love ones even if they aren't really there.

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