It's that time of year to show off your whimsy and ironic detachment in the form of Ugly Sweater Parties. What's better than filling yourself with beer and then filling your Instagram feed with pictures of yourself and your friends acting goofy in sweaters that your Aunt Betty would have worn in a Christmas photo from 1991 (or 2013)?

I'll tell you what: hockey players getting in on the action. The Toledo Walleye, a team in the minor league ECHL, decided to have some fun and have their own Ugly Sweater Night on December 28. Appropriately, the night is sponsored by Goodwill, whose thrift stores are a prime destination for ugly sweaters.

Say what you want, at least they aren't as bad as those old Islanders fishstick uniforms:

(Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
(Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)