According to an article on, Gia Marie Cannon, Bailey's mother, is introducing legislation to increase the criminal penalty of those who endanger a person with disabilities including the elderly if it contributes to the victims suicide attempt.

In the summer of 2017, a 19 year old Hudson Valley resident Bailey Bates was approached by a person from his high school. They asked if he could cash a check for them using his bank account. He agreed but Bailey also has an IQ of 87 which puts him on the spectrum of autism.

Unfortunately, the check was fraudulent and a crime had been committed. After Bailey's mother contacted the police and both were interviewed Bailey thought he had committed a crime. Tragically he committed suicide over the ordeal.

If you would like to support this bill you can digitally sign the petition on their website, Cannon has already achieved over 7,000 signatures but her goal is to reach 100,000.