A fight between two garbage truck drivers eventually lead to the near destruction of fourteen parked cars in the Bronx.

According to police, it all started when one truck driver allegedly side-swiped and backed into another garbage truck early Saturday morning. CBS reports that lead to an actual fight between the drivers, as the driver who struck the second garbage truck then assaulted the other driver before taking off.

CBS says it was during his flight that all the carnage took place on Hone Avenue. CBS says the fleeing driver rammed into the row of cars, leading to tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. 

Surveillance video has even surfaced that shows the driver of the getaway truck calmly exiting his truck by foot after smashing into all the vehicles. Once around the corner, he can be seen breaking out into a sprint.

An investigation is pending, though CBS says several of the shocked neighbors recognized the feeling driver.

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