This weeks edition of Brandi's Future Husband finds Brandi with a guy who checks quite a few things off her list of what she is looking for in a guy. This guy is handy, has his own tool belt, a beard and an affinity for plaid shirts.

This week the guy she has her eye on is Jonathan Scott, from HGTV's Property Brothers. Earlier this month, Jonathan announced his break up from his long term girlfriend, thus essentially putting up a sign that he is single. Is he ready for Brandi? Maybe she should just have him over for dinner and while he is there he could give her a few suggestions for what could be done with her kitchen?

Hopefully that businessman/contractor will have some time in his busy schedule to meet up with Brandi. If not? She will continue on her quest to find the right guy next week.

If you have a suggestion for a future edition of Brandi's Future Husband, email Brandi@WRRV.COM.

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