Each week Brandi looks around the world for the man who just might win her heart. This weeks future husband has one thing that Brandi has that she loves loves loves.

Her knew future sweetie has the keys to 47,000 pounds of chocolate bars. Yes, that is a whole lot of chocolate. This guy got her attention because of a report that he was stranded by the side of the road along a highway in Virginia.

He got into a rough spot when there was a person who stopped short in front of him and caused him to flip over his truck on the highway in Northern Virginia. When the police arrived to find out what happened, it was discovered that the 'Romeo's' tractor trailer was also 2 feet longer than it is legally allowed to be.

Good news, neither Brandi's potential future husband AND the chocolate were not harmed. What would you do with 47,000 pounds of chocolate?

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