Brandi's search for the perfect guy continues. This week her search takes her to Texas where the guy she has her eye on, knows that the way to Brandi's heart is through her stomach.

This guy has been working for years at the Texas Juvenile Justice Department in Cameron County Texas. This guy has been working for them for 9 years and had never taken a sick day. (So he is gainfully employed and in good health?)

His job was to accept all of the deliveries of food from the different companies that the serviced the facility. Then he took one day off (can you hear the mistake coming?) and a meat purveyor asking "Where to put the fajita meat?", that changed this guys world.

Without this potential future husband to sign for the meat, the purveyor asked where to deliver it. When the meat vendor was told to take it back, because the facility didn't serve fajitas, the driver insisted that there was no mistake. He had been delivering fajita meat to this facility for years. That was when this guy got found out. He was taking the deliveries of meat home and then reselling to the tune of $1.2 million dollars over the course of nine years.

Maybe when this guy gets out of prison, he can share his best fajita recipe with Brandi? Until then, Brandi's quest for her future husband continues.