This week's edition of Brandi's Future Husband takes us to Indiana where if this guy is the one for Brandi, the whole neighborhood might see a benefit. This guy is named Barry. He is 46 and there are two things in this guy's life that Brandi just might have to overlook. The two things? Barry's love for his lawnmower and his love for beer.

Recently, Barry had a few beers, hopped on his trusty steel steed and proceeded to mow the neighbors' yards. Of course, one of the neighbors called the police (people are very picky about their lawns) to try and stop him.

When the cops arrived, Barry was charged with OWI, Operating While Intoxicated. His blood alcohol level was .189, over twice the legal limit. No word on if the lawns were mowed nicely or if they looked like someone had been drinking and mowing.

Is this the guy for Brandi? If he is, she might never have to mow the lawn again. Something tells us that Brandi will be cutting this one loose very soon, but trying to get custody of the John Deere.

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