Versatile chefs can make something delicious out of almost any ingredients. I'm always amazed when I see certain ingredients repurposed, reconstituted, reinvented, and used in incredibly different ways.

So naturally, I heard about the concept of a master sushi chef taking a Big Mac from McDonald's and turning it into sushi and I was in. Like, all the way in. How is it possible? How can one manage to do this? Science? Magic? Wizardry?

From the YouTube video:

This week's episode comes from one of the most requested rolls ever: A Cheeseburger Roll! Ok, it's not from our homemade cheeseburger, but instead, it's from McDonald's. It's the Big Mac! Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada takes a Big Mac and turns it into something you'd see in a sushi restaurant. Well, he adds avocado, tomato, some BBQ sauce and some spicy mayo. Top it off with some micro greens and we're in serious business!