So you are busy planning your Thanksgiving dinner, making lists and taking multiple trips to the grocery store, but what else are you working on? Is it your Black Friday shopping list?

The major stores have already started to release their flyer's for the Black Friday sales and this year many of those (and other) stores that you have shopped at are trying to get your dollars before Thanksgiving by starting their sales now.

Where will you be shopping? Is there particular items that you will be trying to get bargains on, ie a TV? A TV is the number one item that shoppers said that they were going to be looking for a deal for themselves. Others who said that they would be heading out on Black Friday to an actual store said that it was to check out the deals and see what was in the store to get an idea what they might purchase (essentially they were going in without having a true plan). There were also people who said that they would be skipping the crowds the day after turkey to sit at home and recover from the big day and if they purchased anything, it would be because they got some great deal in their email.

Will you be out shopping or skipping Black Friday stores this year? Here is a link to all of the Black Friday flyers for 2018. 

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