Justin Furstenfeld is the extremely talented front man and singer for the band Blue October. We've done several cool promotions with him, and he just loves meeting the fans. For those waiting for a new Blue October album, he's released a new solo acoustic album to tide us over.

Tracklist for "Songs From An Open Book"

  1. "The Answer"
  2. "Can and Cannot Say"
  3. "Black Orchid"
  4. "A Funny Thing"
  5. "Angel"
  6. "Consent to Treatment Story"
  7. "Schizophrenia"
  8. "The Birthday Present"
  9. "Calling You"
  10. "Chameleon Boy"
  11. "The Apology"
  12. "Hate Me"
  13. "Sound of Pulling Heaven Down"
  14. "Any Man in America"
  15. "The Worry List"
  16. "The Sarah Story"
  17. "Fear"
  18. "Up There"
  19. "Not Broken Anymore"


Justin In Studio with Simon.