It's only been out since Friday, but its fatal flaw has been discovered. Video game aficionados know all about XBOX 360's "Red Ring of Death" -- the flashing red lights that meant your beloved console had just turned into the world's most expensive cinderblock. Well, PS4 apparently has its own version: the Blue Light of Death. So many references to "death." Man, we take video games seriously.

So how seriously should these be taken? Should those of you waiting to buy the system hang on a little while longer before it gets fixed? Well, you can read Kotaku's take on it here, but according to the company, 0.4% of consoles shipped at launch are affected by it. That pales in comparison to the 25-55% estimate of consoles affected by the Red Ring from the XBox 360 launch but with millions of consoles sold at launch, 0.4% is still thousands of people with big, beautful Sony-made paperweights.

With the modern era of instant feedback in the form of scathing Amazon reviews and social media, Sony will obviously want to address this as quickly as possible. It has to be assumed we'll probably see some form of fix relatively quickly. Then again, we still don't know the cause or how much it will cost to fix.

To end this one on a positive note, here's me in a moment of bonding with my (currently) working system.

A tender moment of video game love.