This weeks edition of Brandi's Future Husband takes us to Gatwick Airport in London, where there is a chance that the guy who has caught Brand's eye might never make it through customs.

If you have been following Brandi's quest, you know that she loves all types of food and that a man who can cook or bake is definitely high on her list. Her guy this week is a baker who specializes in Vegan cakes. He had been traveling and found a very special flour that he had been looking for, and he slipped it into his suitcase so he could bring it home, possibly to make a tasty cake for Brandi.

The customs agents did have a bit of an issues with it and detained him while he was trying to get on his next flight. The agents thought that he was smuggling an illegal substance into the country, when in fact he was only smuggling flour.

The customs agents allowed him to go on his merry way, but only after they thoroughly tested each one of the bags of flour.

Will this guy be the one? Or is he too big of a risk taker for Brandi?

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