Fake cards that supposedly exempt individuals from wearing masks inside businesses are floating around and here's what to look for.

Hudson Valley businesses have required customers to wear masks since late April to help slow the spread of COVID-19. I don't like wearing a mask everywhere I go either but is it really so inconvenient that you need to go through all this trouble?

Whenever there are rules there will always be people who feel those rules don't apply to them.

According to TODAY, the Department of Justice issued a statement to Americans about a fraudulent laminated card in circulation that exempts people from wearing masks in the name of the American Disabilities Act. The cards state that person who possess it is not required to wear a mask and that doing so could cause mental or physical harm to them. Some card even have the Department of Justice's seal printed on them. The card also states that violating the printed rules can result in a $75,000 fine. The DOJ does not approve of these cards.

The cards can be printed on Facebook and are believed to be spread through an organization known as the Freedom to Breathe Agency.

Here's what the fake cards look like:

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