As of now, there's no data that proves you can catch cornavirus from a mosquito bite but researchers are closely monitoring concern.

The warm weather will soon be here and many of us are spending more time outdoors than ever. A lot of people are wondering if mosquitoes can spread the current strain of corona virus.

It's hard to believe it since many of us have lost track of time but the summer months will be here before you know it. This Sunday we anticipate to see a high of 70 degrees. Certain pests that come out once a year will be visiting us shortly. There have already been mosquitoes spotted in the Hudson Valley and in the midst of a pandemic what does this mean?  Can mosquitoes spread the corona virus through a bite?

Should we be worried?

According to information on posted by the CDC, there is no proven information that links mosquitoes to spreading the corona virus. This is believed to be due to the new corona virus being spread through the respiratory system.

Though it's fair to say mosquitoes can spread their fair share of diseases like Malaria, Zika, West Nile and even Yellow Fever there is no data that can prove that you can catch COVID-19 from a mosquito bite.

The American Mosquito Control Associaton is closely monitoring the studies and will update us they get more facts.

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