Pi Day (3.14) is celebrated on March 14 every year. That got us to thinking, 'Who has the best Pie in the Hudson Valley?" Of course we have a few thoughts on the subject, but we also want to hear your suggestions. Just to be clear, for this type of Pie, we are talking about sweet pies, like apple, fruit, custard etc, no savory pies like quiche.

According to a few different sources, here are the best places to get pies in the Hudson Valley:

  • Apple Pie Bakery at the Culinary Institute of America
  • The Bakery in New Paltz
  • The Village Tea Room, New Paltz
  • DuBois Farms, Highland
  • Adams Fairacre Farms, All Locations
  • Palace Diner, Poughkeepsie
  • Los Hornitos Bakery, Wappingers
  • Frida’s Bakery, Milton
  • Table Talk Diner, Poughkeepsie
  • Paesano’s Bakery, Fishkill
  • Something Sweet Dessert Cafe, Middletown
  • Soon's Orchard, New Hampton
  • Ella's Bella's, Beacon
  • Mad Batters, Middlehope

What is your favorite place when you want either a slice of pie or a whole pie? Also, what is your favorite kind of pie?