Many Hudson Valley residents are in the holiday spirit and waiting for the snow. They could be getting their wish this week according to a local probability map.

I think everyone wants a magical and snowy Christmas or holiday but I think we would rather be without it on all of the other days of the week. People who rely on public transportation hate walking in it and commuters who drive are hesitant to drive in it and for good reasons. According to Sobo Law, roughly 24% of  vehicle accidents that occur in the country happen while in harsh winter conditions.

Last week the northern part of our region saw some snow. Roughly 7" accumulated east of Rensselaer County.

Credit: Randy Rumpf

It was certainly more than just a dusting. Thankfully, we haven't seen this much yet but we may get a taste in a few days.

Credit: Randy Rumpf
Credit: Randy Rumpf

We've held off for a little while but it's might time to bust out the boots and the snow tires because the white stuff could be hitting us sometime this week.

Will we see some snow accumulation this week? It's possible. It's also possible we don't see any accumulation.

According to a post from First Due Weather from the Compound, there is a chance that the Hudson Valley region could between 2"-4" of snow on Wednesday.

The prediction came at noon today and they also stated that they are no where close to determining any snowfall amount from this weather event.

Are you prepared for the snow to fall? Doe it bother you or can handle travel under harsh weather conditions.

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