We have a pretty cut and dry pet policy here at WRRV but this cat is a total professional.

What can I say? There really needs to be a "bring your cat to work day." There actually might be but if you love cats like me, you wish it could be every day.

My newest cat is awesome. So, we fittingly named his Pawsome.

Pawsome is a bit territorial but he can't help it. He also likes to play with Brandi's keys and run the board in the studio when she's not looking. Let's acknowledge the fact that he's got some serious talent. Pawsome jumped on the board and  I think most cats would have taken us off the air but not this cat.

In any case, I'll do anything I can to annoy Brandi. Especially if that means unleashing Pawsome the Awesome Cat in the studio.

We'll keep you up to date on all of Pawsome the Awesome Cat's future adventures.