Have you thought about getting solar panels for your home? If you have looked into getting them but were told that for some reason your house was not a great candidate for panels on the roof of your home, there could be an alternative. That alternative is called 'Community Solar' or a 'Solar Garden.'

How this allegedly works is that you pay into the 'garden' for 20 years, what you get is credits to use against your electric bill. Think of it similar to a CSA, Community Sustained Agriculture, where you pay in advance to then get produce for a set amount of time over the next season.

There is a long term commitment involved, 20 years, but is it worth it? Will it actually bring you savings worth the investment? That is for you to research and find out for yourself.

There is an informational meeting that is going to be held in Kingston on Monday March 4, 2019 from 11am to Noon at The Pointe Church, 243 Hurley Avenue, Kingston, NY. 

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