Man, you want to talk about an up and down kind of day, this couple was all over the place emotionally. One moment, they're blissfully having their engagement announced over the PA system at the ol' Walmart, the next thing you know, they're behind bars for.. ahem, using illegal means to acquire... ahem again, sexual intimacy enhancement tools.

I mean, I know that this entire scenario, this story has been told before. It's really as old as time. I'm certain this actually came from a fairy tale of some kind. Its overwhelming sense of whirlwind romance can't actually be real, right? Oh, yes, my friend. Oh, yes. It is all too real.

Check out the story below as a warning in many, many different ways. If you don't do anything else in your life, juts make sure that you never have a day as rough as this guy's and, all things considered, you're probably doing okay.