The Dave Matthews Band is firing on all cylinders with a new album and tour. But did you know Dave is playing several Hudson Valley made guitars on both?

Veillette Guitars in Woodstock built both of Dave's Gryphon 12 string and the Baritone 12 string. Both are featured on DMB's new album Come Tomorrow and can be seen out on the road during their summer tour.

The company was founded by Joe Veillette, he's been making guitars in the area for than 40 years. He along with AndE Chase and Jimmy Eppard make sure everything gets built and delivered on time.

A few years back, the Gryphon caught the attention of Conan O'Brien who noticed bandleader Jimmy Vivino was playing one.

Dave Matthews isn't the only famous musician rocking the Gryphon. Here's footage of Steve Miller performing his classic 'The Joker' with one in tow.

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